Special Sessions


Approved Special Session Proposals

  • SS 01 Integration for Robotics toward Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

    • Organizers: Van Ho, Trung Dung Ngo, Shinichi Hirai, Hung La
    • Code: p8pk5
    • Special session proposal: <open PDF>
  • SS 02 Robot Audition and its System Integration

    • Organizers: Makoto Kumon, Kazuhiro Nakadai, Eui-Sung Yoon, Reiji Suzuki, Hiroshi G. Okuno
    • Code: weuy5
    • Special session proposal:<open PDF>
  • SS03 Assistive Devices for the Physically Challenged

    • Organizers: Koichi Koganezawa, Yoshihiro Kai, Eiichiro Tanaka, Naoyuki Takesue, Satoshi Muramatsu, Tetsuya Tanioka
    • Code: 78gib
    • Special session proposal:<open PDF>
  • SS04 Theory and Technology of Human Factors

    • Organizers: Daisuke Chugo, Sho Yokota, Koji Makino
    • Code: qn24n
    • Special session proposal: <open PDF>
  • SS05 Deep Learning as a mean for Enabling Self-Learning and Self-Optimizing Capabilities in Real-World Industrial Applications

    • Organizers: Simon Bøgh, Nestor Arana, Dimitrios Chrysostomou
    • Code: bg6vt
    • Special session proposal: <open PDF>
  • SS06 Robot Behavior Control and Environmental Sensing

    • Organizers: Hitoshi Kono, Yusuke Tamura, Hiromitsu Fujii, Yonghoon Ji
    • Code: i5kcq
    • Special session proposal: <open PDF>
  • SS07 Decoding the Control Principle Underlying Adaptive Behaviors of Living Organisms

    • Organizers: Ryo Kobayashi, Koichi Osuka, Akio Ishiguro
    • Code: r3644
    • Special session proposal: <open PDF>
  • SS08 Real Space Service System

    • Organizers: Kazuyoshi Wada, Kenichi Ohara, Mihoko Niitsuma
    • Code: 312c2
    • Special session proposal: <open PDF>
  • SS09 Human-Robotic Systems Collaboration

    • Organizers: Takayuki Tanaka, Gabor Sziebig, Mihoko Niitsuma
    • Code: 4sh5g
    • Special session proposal: <open PDF>
  • SS10 System Integration for Ocean Environment

    • Organizers: Shinichi Sagara
    • Code: vbj38
    • Special session proposal: <open PDF>

Call for Special Sessions

The IEEE/SICE SII 2020 organizing team invites professionals in the area of System Integration to propose special sessions to be held on IEEE/SICE SII 2020 in Hawaii, USA. Special sessions provide the opportunity to focus in detail on particular emerging topics, which are not reflected in the list of conference tracks or represent a specific working fields where researchers would like to meet and discuss advances.

Proposal Content

If you intend to propose and organize a special session, please provide us with a proposal using the template, and including the following information:

  • Title of the Special Session
  • Organizers of special sessions
  • Abstract of the Proposed Special session (approx. 100 words)
  • Brief description of the area of interest (approx. 100 words), with special focus on why we should believe this is an interesting and significant topic?
  • A list of potential paper titles, authors, reviewers and their affiliations

Once approved, it is the duty of the organizers to publicize the Special Session among researchers and practitioners in the field and attract a sufficient number of papers. ​

Papers submitted to Special Sessions will undergo the same review process as regular papers. The Special Session chairs of the respective special session are responsible for organizing the review process, assuring at least three reviews per paper. This includes selection of reviewers from their peers. ​

Before starting the review process, Special Sessions organizers must explicitly declare papers which present a conflict of interest for them. A conflict of interest arises where the judgement of a paper quality can be influenced by the organizers being authors or knowing some of the authors. To ensure independent reviews, this conflict must be marked as such in the submission system and the SS chairs notified so that they can arrange the review process. ​

A minimum of 6 accepted papers with authors from at least 3 independent institutions is required for each session. If a session has too few papers, accepted papers will be allocated to regular sessions wherever possible. In the case of weakly organized special sessions, the conference organizers will support the session organizers with advice but reserve measures including cancellation of the respective special session. ​

Organizers of a successful Special Session will get a free registration for each Special Session with more than 6 papers submitted to the Special Session and included in the final program.

Proposal Submissions

Please submit your proposal through Paper Plaza in PDF format. After you finished your proposal submission, a confirmation e-mail from Paper Plaza will be sent to your registered e-mail address. In this e-mail you can find an Invited session identification code. This code should be included in the submission of each paper, please inform all of your potential authors about this code. ​


Special session proposal template:  <download>

Submission deadline: August 22, 2019

Later submissions can be considered on special request.

Acceptance notification date: no longer than one week after the date of the proposal submission.

Special Session Chairs of SII2020

  • Chair: Dr. Kuniaki Kawabata, Japan Atomic Energy Agency
  • Co-Chair: Dr. Norimitsu Sakagami, Tokai University