Approved Special Sessions

List of approved special sessions
SS01: Assistive Devices for Improving Quality of Life of People and for Reducing their Labor Burden
  • Organizer: Koichi Koganezawa*, Yoshihiro Kai, Eiichiro Tanaka, Naoyuki Takesue, Tetsuya Tanioka, Kentaro Takemura, Kyoko Osaka
  • Code: 8461q
  • Abstract:
    Physically challenged people are now monotonically increasing due to the recent rapid population growth of older adults natural disasters and wars as well. In addition a severe labour shortage in primary industries is requiring elderly people to take on heavyworkloads. These facts require the engineering field to sustain or enhance one's mobility by providing assistive devices that substitute for a lost extremity or assist a weakened extremity. This special session mainly focuses on how to achieve this through proposing dexterous devices which should be feasible in practice considering some points of view such as safety portability and controllability because the devices shall be used in the user's daily life.
  • Keywords:
    Systems for Service/Assistive Applications; Rehabilitation Systems; Human Interface

SS02: Robotic Teleoperation and Environmental Sensing
  • Organizer: Hanwool Woo*, Yusuke Tamura, Hitoshi Kono, Yonghoon Ji, Hiromitsu Fujii
  • Code: 7vwvn
  • Abstract:
    Robotic teleoperation system is necessary for exploration of disaster sites and unmanned construction. To effectively achieve teleoperation tasks human operators of robots need information of surrounding environment and robot itself. In this session studies on robotic teleoperation are introduced from the aspect of remote control system and sensing technologies to supply the information of sites to operators.
  • Keywords:
    Systems for Field Applications; Sensor Fusion; Environment Monitoring and Management

SS03: Robot Audition and its System Integration
  • Organizer: Katsutoshi Itoyama*, He Kong, Kazuhiro Nakadai, Makoto Kumon, Reiji Suzuki, Hiroshi G. Okuno, Yoshiaki Bando
  • Code: 9c68e
  • Abstract:
    Robot audition is a research field that aims to realize various auditory functions in robotics. This topic has been initiated more than 20 years ago and has been applied to various tasks and platforms including search and rescue robots as drones analysis of bird song / frog chorus and in-vehicle information systems. In this session we propose to share and discuss the state-of-the-art technologies in robot audition promote its application through system integration and set a roadmap for further research issues in robot audition. The scope will range from core robot audition components to end-user level applications.
  • Keywords:
    Human-Robot/System Interaction; Software Middleware and Programming Environments; Systems for Search and Rescue Applications

SS04: Human Modeling and Augmentation
  • Organizer: Yuichi Kurita*, Jun Ueda
  • Code: gbcu6
  • Abstract:
    Recent developments in virtual reality technology and wearable robots have led to many exciting ideas and innovations toward improvements in quality of life and healthcare services. Advanced technologies may enhance human's basic sensory/motor functions and offer a possibility to improve daily activity level for not only disabled people but also healthy young and elderly people. Speakers who are actively working in the area of human modelling and augmentation will form a panel and discuss challenging problems in this attractive topic with international participants.
  • Keywords:
    Human-Robot Cooperation/Collaboration; Human-Robot/System Interaction; Human Factors and Human-in-the-Loop

SS05: Realization of Avatar-Symbiotic Society where Everyone can Perform Active Roles without Constraint
  • Organizer: Takashi Yoshimi*, Takahiro Miyashita
  • Code: 4xay2
  • Abstract:
    This special session aims at presenting the ongoing progress of the challenges on the Moonshot (MS) human-centered long-term R & D program. It will discuss by focussing onthe goal 1 of the MS dealing with the future realization of an avatar-symbiotic society and cybernetic avatars (CAs). In the session, semi-autonomous tele-operated robots and CG agents are called CAs. The participants will discuss with speakers who are researchers related to CAs' technology about the avatar-symbiotic society which enables to freely andactively participate in society for every person. The session contains following 3 topics:
    • Avatar Symbiotic Society and Cybernetic Avatar Technology
    • CA Related Services enabled with Semantic AI Technology
    • Standardization and Realization for CA.
  • Keywords:
    Human-Robot Cooperation/Collaboration; Integration Platform; Systems for Service/Assistive Applications

SS06: Applied Field Robotics Through Machine Learning
  • Organizer: Atsushi Yamashita, Yuichi Kobayashi, Renato Miyagusuku*, Shota Chikushi, Jun Younes, Louhi Kasahara
  • Code: g1xf5
  • Abstract:
    Robots today are gaining in popularity and complexity. At the same time, their tasks and environments are also increasing in complexity. Recent advances in machine learning have allowed to bridge that gap and enabled robotics to present itself as a practical solution to several real-world problems. The proposed special session aims to promote research focused on but not limited to robotics with applications to the environment construction, forestry, agriculture, mining, subsea, infrastructure search and rescue among others - with emphasis on machine learning applications. Experimental robotics and works possessing both theoretical and practical significance will be promoted.
  • Keywords:
    Systems for Field Applications; Machine Learning; Mechatronics Systems

SS07: Cybersecurity in Control Systems
  • Organizer: Kiminao Kogiso*, Jun Ueda
  • Code: 22bid
  • Abstract:
    Cybersecurity threats to control systems are increasing daily; thus the importance of control technology for enabling the safe operation of automation and control systems is growing. Within the field of control engineering proactive and reactive measures for control system security are more actively discussed. The proposed special session "Cybersecurity in Control Systems" consists of six talks regarding the recent theoretical and technological achievements of how to design and realize cybersecure control systems. Every research group listed in the special session is actively working at the forefront of the control system security field.
  • Keywords:
    Control Theory and Technology; Mechatronics Systems

SS08: Towards Establishment of a Robot Design Methodology using 3D Printing Technology
  • Organizer: Gen Endo*, Yusuke Ota, Takeshi Takaki, Naoyuki Takesue, Takeshi Aoki
  • Code: s9338
  • Abstract:
    Robot prototyping and manufacturing have been done with parts based on traditional machining such as cutting sheet bending and die casting. The rapid progress of 3D printing technology in recent years has fundamentally overturned these methodologies. It can enable the development of lighter and higher-performance robots at a lower cost and in a shorter development time. On the other hand, 3D printed materials are lightweight but have low rigidity and the parts are anisotropic. In this session, we aim to establish a robot design methodology based on 3D printing technology and discuss the basic characteristics of 3D printing the fastening of parts and the robot system using these parts.
  • Keywords:
    Mechanism Design; Mechatronics Systems; Hardware Platform

SS09: Robotics and AI for Home Automation, Healthcare and Ambient Assistive Living
  • Organizer: Ankit A. Ravankar*, Jose Victorio Salazar Luces, Seyed Amir Tafrishi, Yasuhisa Hirata, Abhijeet Ravankar, Diego Paez-Granados
  • Code: gkn8u
  • Abstract:
    This special session aims to bring together researchers and scholars to participate and discuss their ideas and results on robotics and AI-based support systems for the aging society. For this special session featuring robotic support mechanisms service robots, healthcare monitoring and homecare automation with emphasis on human-robot interaction and ecosystem. We invite researchers to submit novel ideas and research that cover a wide range of topics including but not limited to.
  • Keywords:
    Systems for Service/Assistive Applications; Human-Robot/System Interaction; Welfare systems

SS10: Real Space Service System
  • Organizer: Kazuyoshi Wada*, Mihoko Niitsuma, Sousuke Nakamura, Kenichi Ohara
  • Code: 4f8y9
  • Abstract:
    Recently the integration of information technology network technology and robot technology has discussed from various point of view. This special session discusses on real space service system that served various services using IoT and robot technologies in the environments such as homes, offices, stores, nursing homes, hospitals and etc. The main topics of interest are practical technology/theory to solve the real problems of the environments.
  • Keywords:
    Systems for Service/Assistive Applications; Human-Robot/System Interaction; Sensor Networks